Best gifts for statisticians

The correlation t-shirt is one that any statistician will love.
Order by December 10 to airtable student discount get it by Christmas.If you want an acrylic meshu, be sure to order by November.I have stan smith discount not actually ready this (hint hint siblings) but its bound to be good as it is written by the guy behind the OKcupid blog.The same goes for vintage pocket calculators (make sure to get one where the digits are in bright green or red).What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions is not statistical per see, it contains heaps of amusing back-of-the-envelope calculations.Another good gift would be a pound of assorted dice together with the seminal, dice Games Properly Explained by Reiner Knizia.Visualize This, but Ive never been one for gifts of practicality.).
A search for statistics and mugs or statistics and t-shirts results in a lot of good gifts, for example this t-test mug: You could also support your favorite mcmc software by buying.
The Theory That Would Not Die by Sharon Bertsch McGrayne.
(Dont miss the hilarious reviews on Amazon!).
The Signal and the Noise by Nate discount inflatable life jackets Silver.
WiFi scale for those who also want to subject themselves to weight tracking.
HistoryShots has been around for years.
Its in my reading queue.You can also get signed prints of some of the comics, for example of #231 Cat Proximity:.The Cartoon Guide to Statistics by Larry Gonick and Woollcott Smith and.A few of these take a while to make, so be sure to order them now so that you get them in time for Christmas.Meshu, with, meshu, capture the places that are personal to you and make it into jewelry: pendants, cufflinks, and earrings.Statistics Genius Mini Button.95.99 "Statistics Ninja" Mug.95.99, keep Calm and Trust the Statistician Mousepad.95.99, professional Statistician Mousepad.95.99 2-Statisticians dont wait (TS-B) Large Mug.95.99, statistician Voice Wall Art.00.82 statistics Shot Glass.95.99, stainless.

The Signal and the Noise is flying off the shelves right now.