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But Baxter finds a gentleman's gift guide blood stained towel, Kean claims he had cut himself shaving off his moustache.
Tom Bates Malcolm Keen.
His wife screams when she sees the photo- she knows the dead man.
2.40 lockhart makeally April 1st 1959 10:15 pm Written by Peter Ling From the Story by Glyn Davies Designed by Frank Gillman Directed by Penny Wootton Rose's Cafe means cheap food and a night's lodging for long distance lorry drivers.Charlie denies any loss of money.Act 3: Paterson stands bail for Munro, saying the theft might have been a misunderstanding.Usher (recurring).9 Sunday's Child Thursday 20th July 1961 8pm Directed by Jonathan Alwyn An elderly couple are charged with abandoning a baby in a country church.Designed by Fred Pusey.Mrs Cooper Geoffrey Denton.Richard Coote, a Licence Enforcement Officer, threatens a small Soho cafe proprietor with a traffic offence and suggests the matter could be glossed over for a small consideration.Florrie Moss Robert Hunter.The same night, Clint attacks a motorist near Joanna's address in Chelsea.Pack decides that in return for a sum of money, he will accept responsibility for the accident.Police keep watch on Morland, and he is followed to Jane's house.
He photographs the torpedo but they are discovered and dragged into the presence of Karnak.
Baxter interviews those at the party, and learns that Pete left soon after Alex and Jennifer.
She confesses that she had placed the advert to try to bring Jay to his senses.
Earlier a Greek had called at the school saying he was Katrina's husband then he had left giving the school secretary a lift home, then being involved in a minor car accident.2.20 lockhart misses THE plane Wednesday November 12th 1958.30pm Written by Barry Baker from a story by Glyn Davies.Prosecuting counsel Barry Warren.Lockhart is called in when it is discovered that Parry had been drowned elsewhere.Supt Lockhart- with the Murder Bag is called in to solve an unusual case.Designed by William Brodie.The Homicide Act of 1957 divides murder into two categories: 'capital' murder- punishable by death; and 'non-capital' murder- punishable by life imprisonment.