Cute diaper raffle sayings

They need to be asked, encouraged, perhaps even bribed.
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Its hard to think of a poem for diapers that is win a country house raffle pretty!
Then I put at the bottom a Where (location When (time and What to Bring (A pack of diapers!) - or whatever YOU need for your child.Shell get to create an amazing decoration, and youll get the diapers you need.However we have just one small ask.Mary John are going need some help swabbing the "poop deck"!Diapers and wipes are in demand galore since this is the 2nd they would need more!To win a prize in the diaper raffle game!Now, how will you pick an exciting prize to motivate everyone to enter the raffle?Optional Diaper Raffle Wording #2: Babies need clean diapers when they do their doodie.
I want to do my part let her know we care.
How do to say that besides "Please bring diapers and/or wet wipes for Mom and baby, any gifts in addition to this are not expected but appreciated".
What could be worse than getting hundreds of entirely the wrong kind of diaper?
Baby-Q, if you already have a lot of hand-me-downs, consider skipping a formal shower for a simple get-together with friends, like a baby barbeque.
Let us know how it goes Are you including diapers on your baby registry?
Ticket Insert Bring this ticket and a package of diapers (any size) to be entered into the Diaper Raffle.I have been searching all over trying to find a good Diaper Raffle Poem to put in my baby shower invitations!You can customize your BabyQ with these adorable custom labels for your bottles of barbeque sauce.Just kidding its a gift card!By: Anonymous, thanks for these!Diapers and Wipes Baby Shower Verses Diapers Wipes Baby Shower Verses Poem by Deniece F (TX) This gifts for female hipsters is great for a 2nd baby shower since the parents probably have all of the basic baby items needed.Invitations are bordered with pink roses and have a pink ribbon, very feminine.

Please bring a little gift from the heart, a pack of diapers (size X) to give them a good start!
Just gather some items and make a basket of goodies and let your guest know if they bring in a pack of diapers they could be the winner of a nice gift for themselves.
In exchange for these diapers of any size.