Flip gift box

flip gift box

Due to two ultra-strong magnets the two single halves will connect to one stable rolling tray measuring about 22 x 23,5 x.
Im waiting for my delivery from UPS at lunchtime today, so I can get my customers Thank You gifts wrapped and posted before I fly off on Saturday!
All that I have left to do is to adhere the cards together, and make a video.Itll be quite a short video, but it will show which step you take first!10 RAW Tips, thereof 5 slim-Tips unperforated and 5 wide-Tips perforated!The idea is itll help me keep the amount of mistakes to a minimum!In closed condition it is perfect for storing your smoking accessories.
Its a real JanB card in as much as its clean and simple.e.
The bottom part has a round curved rolling area and comes with a special gimmick - a cradle/ scoop for rolling or filling cones.
I didnt notice it at the time, but I said the box would be ideal for a new baby!
But when flipped open you'll see the full potential it has to offer!
Top Load Boxed Mini Album enter contests 2017 - Tutorial.I always practice making my projects before making videos.Created by Sharlene Meyer, Stampin' Up!While making the product for your information, I put the piece cut for the top.This box is made using the Medium Keepsake box.As it also connects magnetically with the tray it is very stable and won't slip.

I hope you will enjoy creating this.
material: natural bamboo - 2 parts 1 extra part (cradle) - magnetic closure - grinder cut-out diameter: 6,5 cm - originally packed in RAW cardboard box.
I stopped making them when I had five of them!