How to add discount on square

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Open the Discounts travelxp coupon code dashboard: From the main menu, tap Discounts.
So, we request that you answer each question as thoroughly and accurately as possible.Limiting your active discounts ensures that customers can't "stack" them at checkout and helps keeps your promotions clear and memorable.Tip: While we have these basic rules in place to help, we generally recommend only offering one or two discounts at a time.If there are identical start times, the most recently created discount appears first.This includes orders using discounts.Was this article helpful?
For example, a customer can: Apply 10 off any order and Free shipping on orders over 100.
A discount is invalid if its: An automatic discount and youre not lesara voucher codes on the Commerce Advanced plan or a trial site.
Track discount use You can view the number of uses for each discount.
(If you sell a black leather wallet and have separate discounts for the wallet and all leather items, a customer can only apply one).
Last updated October 11, 2018 14:40 Sections Manage and edit your stores discounts in the Discounts panel.
Log in for faster support, log in, continue as Guest.Change the expiration date.Discounts apply to order subtotals.Tap Yes to confirm.Invalid discounts Discounts customers can no longer use have an Invalid tag.From here, you can: Change the start date.You can edit an invalid discount to fix the issue and reactivate.You can refine ongoing promotions, reactivate expired discounts, and track discount use.Real-time conversation and immediate answers.

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To edit a discount: Desktop iOSAndroid Open the Discounts panel: Depending on your Home Menu setup, click Discounts, or click Commerce, and then click Discounts.
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