How to sew a gift card holder

how to sew a gift card holder

Remember, I would love to see your creations.
Step 6: Prepare Pockets, separate the Velcro and position them just above the marks that you made on each side of the flaps.However, I think they also make a beautiful gift card holder.When she is not working on a project at home or searching for treasures at nurseries and thrift stores with her girlfriends, youll probably find her with family and friends, at a restaurant, or home party enjoying new and different food adventures.The second template should measure 4 1/4" by 2 1/4".Made this over the weekend - it's an awesome quick project!Press with an iron.
So get those scraps of fabric out and start your sewing machine!
I love the colors you choose in buckle gift card return fabric and the clearity in which you posted this 'ible!
Step 5: Prepare Pieces, using the pen make two marks on the inside flaps (pockets)making sure they are in the same spot, like I show in the picture.
No problem, there are a few ready to ship in the shop.Don't you know that we all take shots at night with a flash 'round these parts?Position the Velcro in place and sew.All posts may contain affiliate links.Step 13: Optional Step (fusible Stabilizer) In this cardholder I used a light weight fabric for the outside.I love giving it as a little present with a gift card inside.Get instructions and more how to photos here at Green Child Magazine.This card holder is made out of fabric and it's purpose is to hold your credit card, library card, driver's licence or even your business cards.Here I used the fusible fabric stabilizer.Mug Mats: Beautiful Spiced Filled Handmade Gifts.Step 2: Trace and Cut Templates.

Slip stitch opening or top stitch along the entire outer edge.
Your piece should look like this.