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Komnata Quest is constantly working on new adventures and is just about ready to launch a new location with 2 brand new room, designed to fit large groups of up to 10 people.
If you book any of these, let your host know that you read about them on m!
Our main issue is that due to the popularity of Escape the Room NYC (partially since they were the first in the market the rooms may easily get overcrowded since strangers will probably join your slot.
Our favorite game there was Deep Space, but Tomb and Dragos Castle are lots of fun as well.Sneak peek of their new large adventure for big team.New York, 52 Kent street adventure, for two, tough cookie, brooklyn, escape room.While it doesnt make this list, it was a fun and immersive set.The private bookings allow for an intimate and cohesive experience (essential for this game instead of an overly crowded game.Not a wait see kinda person?
The room is an actual maze, which is far more unique than the usual rectangular rooms we see.
Okay, so we're not time travelers, and Hollywood honestly just doesn't make 'em like that anymore, but we've got an immersive adventure you're definitely gonna want to check out.
The Experiment Escape Games NYC.
We only wish that the maze was larger!
Instead, we recommend buying your tickets when you arrive.
We make these best lists every time we play new games in a city, and are more than happy to provide our opinion on the best escape rooms in New York City.This game features a fun digitally-augmented space, and the design of the room encourages teamwork as team members become familiar with various parts of the room that are used and re-used again.This is a comfortably large space for big teams, and we would consider this a great classic-style escape room, elevated with a pretty set, great tech, and a fun theme.Shelter R, brooklyn Escape Room, the Experiment, escape Games NYC (special mention) 5wits West Nyack.They don't like to toot their own horn, so we'll do it for them, nerds.No, you find yourself inside the central mystery of an engaging are car rebates taxable in california story.Paradiso: The Escape Test, Komnata: Limitless, and Komnata: Heir to the Throne were on earlier versions of this list.This game incorporates both some video game elements and teamwork elements into a satisfying experience.You and your partner were stolen and put into boxes by a crazy genius.Shelter R Brooklyn Escape Room, this game features quite a few novel interactions in a solid set birthday gift for 15 year old boy in india that test the limits of what youre allowed to do in an escape room.The game keeps introducing you to new items and set pieces to use, and some of the set pieces will interact how to add discount on square with each other in delightful ways.Their set decoration is professionally comissioned and goes far beyond some of their original games like Home or Agency.The puzzles all center around themes of decoding and entering in combos into the various electronic locking mechanisms throughout the room.

The duo are local experts who have played and reviewed almost every game in the local market.