Kroger 25 days of freebies

kroger 25 days of freebies

There are over 40,000 items to choose from, including over-the-counter health and beauty products, produce, refrigerated and frozen items, meat, seafood, wine and beer.
(Hot tip: it is bad if your credit card compares unfavorably with a 1 cash back card.) The 25 per gallon fuel discount is nice, and Kroger generally has good fuel prices (in my experience and excluding wholesale clubs).When you arrive at your store, follow the unicef holiday gifts signs to the ClickList pickup area and call the number on the sign to let them know youve arrived.ClickList orders count toward your fuel points just like in-store purchases.Here and register or login to your.Your ClickList Associates will not accept tips.Trust me, you will definitely save this much (or more!) by not stepping foot into the store and succumbing to those impulse purchases!How do I redeem coupons?Your Favorites may change slightly from week to week based on the items you purchase.Pricing Details APRs Purchase Balance Transfer APR:.74.74 based on your credit worthiness Cash Advance APR:.99* Penalty APR: None Grace period: 24 days (minimum, up to 30 days ) Minimum interest charge: 2 * Note: these rates vary based on the Prime Rate.What are the fees for using ClickList?
Can I include special instructions with my order?
A friendly Associate will assist you and load your groceries right into your car.
Perishable items like meat and produce are selected by Associates shortly before your order is scheduled everyday music gift certificate for pickup.Have you tried, kroger, clickList yet? .You can include instructions like how ripe youd like your bananas or avocados, the specific weight of your bag of cherries, how thin youd like your deli meat sliced, etc.And off you go!If I am reading the terms conditions correctly, though, you never earn points for buying gas at a Kroger fuel center, which (if true) is just bizarre considering the presence of.5 oakley industry discount cashback tier.Given current fuel prices, 25 per gallon caps out at around.5 discount (2.00 per gallon).What do I do when I arrive at my pickup location?There are tens and tens of credit cards that offer at least 2 at all grocery stores, and there are hundreds that offer at least 1 everywhereand most of them allow you to cash out directly instead of needing to redeem a certificate at Kroger family.

When you place your order online, you can indicate whether you would like to allow substitutions.