Natwest cash back reward debit card

Annual Spend 3,000 5,000 10,000 20,000, number of Clubcard points earned (1) 1,030 1,720 3,440 6,870, value of Clubcard points (2) (1) Assumes 25 of spend in Tesco and 75 elsewhere.
We've crunched the numbers to see how much this could be worth, assuming you take advantage.
Clubcard Boost to get 4x value for your points. Please note that if you withdraw cash abroad or in the UK using your credit card, regardless of currency, then a 3 cash fee will always apply.(2) Assumes you use Clubcard Boost to get 4x value.When you use your card abroad, you can sometimes pay in sterling rather than local currency.Whether you're nipping to the shops or dashing off abroad your debit card can come in handy. .As well as using your debit card to pay for goods services online, over the phone or in shops, it can also be used to withdraw cash at ATM's.If you do pay in sterling, then the Non Sterling Transaction Fee on both NatWest debit and credit cards will not apply.If you're withdrawing money from cash machines using your NatWest debit or credit card, make sure you know your daily withdrawal limit. Paying this way is often more expensive than paying in the local currency as there could be a local charge.
But remember, you'll need to know what your limit is when converted to the country's currency.
On intu metrocentre gift card shops top of your normal Clubcard points, you also earn 1 point per 1 spent in Tesco until 1 point per 8 spent elsewhere on your Tesco debit card.
To find out more about your debit card read our handy guides, and if you have any more questions please visit us or call.
Using your debit card or credit card abroad is simple.
Follow our helpful tips to make sure you can access you money safely and securely.
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