Remington 700 300 win mag canada

remington 700 300 win mag canada

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I like what the SM brings to the table, many valentines gift from daughter to dad times in a shorter lighter package than a typical rifle chambered in '06.
any and all suggestions are appreciated, thanks.
Password, go to Page.You might look at the Weatherby line; they offer the Vanguard rifles at times for about 500, and that would allow you to purchase a nice scope, like a Zeiss conquest and ammo/dies all for your 1500.I have both and like both very much but i prefer the 300.The discount code for muddy apparel come up from 600 to 1000 is only about 16 minutes.I think the wide range of ammo also makes it adaptable to a bigger range of uses.Recoil is not that much different either.#, 02:33 AM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Feb 2004 Location: Virginia Posts: 3,366 I had a rifle just like RJ's, and I ran a Zeiss Conquest on mine.Your initial chambering could be for 260 Rem and then move up.5X06.5, likes # 1, 11:13 AM, registered User.
In that case, a medium contour barrel would be better.
The 300 Win mag has much more recoil then the 7mm mag and would be felt more in a light rifle.
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The time now is 09:54.I have both and think that if you are looking for a jump then 300 is what they would need.SS indique l'emploi d'inox pour la culasse et le canon.Acceptance on this ammo (if I remember correctly) is 10" horizontal spread and 20" vertical spread at 1000 yards.For any/all large game animal in North America (a jack of all trades, if you will ).And does the Encores new recoil reducing stock really work?Not trying to discourage you but it takes more than buying a 1500 300wm.Stainless with a boss system, it was very accurate, but that boss brake was horrendous on the shooter, and all on either sides.Unleess your taking the scenic route and even then i would say wait for a better shot or get closer.For instance you could obtain a Rem 700, Mod 70 Win, Savage etc in hunting video converter win 10 rifle configuration and rebarrel it to 308 Win for your training.Mines in 300RUM, but I've heard the 300WM is very accurate.Steve _ Experience is a hard teacher, because she gives the test first, and the lesson afterwards._ Distinguished Rifleman High Power Smallbore Prone, Presidents Hundred (Rifle Palma Teams Member (2 Dewar Teams Member (2 NRA Member from Age 12, NRA Benefactor, Life Member Gun Owners of South Carolina Palmetto State Marksman's Assoc, US Army.I've owned my Sendero for 16 years, (7RM) and I'm still working this out.

One advantage of the 308 is that it has been there and done that, and there are reams of data to compare it against.