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To achieve uncompromised winter traction in all varieties of balfour discount code 2017 wintertime road conditions, a full-fledged winter tire remains a necessity.
The fact that manufacturers are more commonly putting all-terrain tires through snow testing and performance validation before bringing them to market is a positive development.Those pen-tip sized holes can be plugged with studs to contribute next-level traction, especially in icy conditions.These grooves open up and close as the tire rolls, which helps to keep the tire in constant contact with the road surface.As such, the design and construction of a winter tire is a direct reflection of the specific intended use.Image courtesy of Cooper Tires.
Here in the Great Lakes State we get our fair share of picturesque lake effect snow, but also ice, rain, slippery frosted pavement, wet snow, and frequently, what could be referred to as winter slop.
Translation: Ever made a snowball?
It's recognition on the part of manufacturers of how all-terrain tires are often used, and ultimately making certain that all-terrain tires are snow-worthy makes American roads safer in the winter.In these temperatures the tire compound remains pliable, which is critical to proper interaction with the road surface.A movement is afoot in the all-terrain tire category.Snow-rated all-terrain tires certainly do a better job than summer tires of remaining pliable in cold temperatures, but the pliability of winter tires in freezing temperatures is on another level.Sipes significantly improve traction in wet, slushy, and snowy road conditions.However (you knew that was coming, right?The Weather-Master WSCs tread is designed to become packed with snow, to use that natural traction advantage.While the all-terrain tire features some siping, sipes are quite literally everywhere on the Weather-Master WSC, even down the central rib of the tire.All-terrain tires have to work on-road and off-road, in wet and dry road conditions, when it's 100 F and.Cooper's patented "Snow Groove" directional design increases traction by encouraging snow-on-snow grip.

By contrast, dedicated summer tires drastically harden in freezing temperatures, which prohibits road surface interaction.
Have a look at this side-by-side comparison of a snow-rated all-terrain tire (left) vs the Cooper Weather-Master WSC winter tire (right).