Rma armament law enforcement discount

rma armament law enforcement discount

RMA (which stands for the company founders daughters Renee, Meghan and promo code for six flags san antonio tx Alexis) was founded by Blake Waldrop, a US Marine (2001-2005) and a sworn police officer (2007-2013).
Marine and police officer Blake Waldrop in October of 2011.
We fanfare tickets discount code want law enforcement and other government entities who purchase and wear our plates to know and understand that when they are utilizing an RMA Level IV plate in their carrier, they don't have to worry about their lives.
I immediately inserted the rifle plate into my vest carrier with no issues.The Level III Rifle Plate exceeded my expectations again by allowing range of motion movements and lightening the load of my previous rifle plate.Swat Officer Range Master Instructor, as a police officer and swat team member, I have been wearing body armor for over a decade.While Im not a liberty at this time, dfndrs level 4 plates would have been a substantial weight reduction in armor. I would trust these plates in any firefight and I have witnessed their performance and dependability up close.RMA uses only the highest quality materials in its armor products to ensure that the men and women who protect this great nation are protected against any potential threat imaginable.Ntoa review, dfndr Armor is known for manufacturing and selling advanced lightweight body armor to military, law enforcement, and civilians worldwide.Although it doesnt provide the same amount of protection as my current Level IV ceramic plate, the increase in mobility was more than worth the offset of protection, especially when you consider the dfndr Level III plate is capable of defeating most popular rifle rounds.I ended the range testing by performing prone shooting drills and had zero issues with the level III rifle plate compromising my shot or prone position.They are lighter and more friendly to movement in my opinion vs the soft armor with a front strike plate. An often forgotten point when purchasing state of the art productscustomer service.
Adam Ruff: (309) 283-1054, rMA Armament, Inc.
RMA Dealers are selling RMA Level IV plates at a discount rate of 199.99 for a limited time.
Here at RMA we did something unique; took the concept of a body armor plate and made changes to every detailed part.
RMA owns and operates a 20,000 square foot factory in Centerville, Iowa where all of our armor plates are manufactured from raw material to final product.The first thing I noticed about this product compared to similar plates I have used in the past was its light weight. Initially, I was skeptical that a piece of armor could be so light yet protect me from large projectiles. The carrier was actually more comfortable to wear with the plates in then if I was to remove them all together.During stationary shooting drills, I was able to provide marksman shots on target with no interference from the rifle plate due to the shooters cut.Every part down to the thread was analyzed and made better through science and chemistry. Heavy, bulky armor has been the industry standard for many years and we settled because a product did not exist that would adequately protect us and be comfortable. One word to describe their azing!I believe this plate gives them that peace of mind.RMA has invested just over.5 million dollars into our products, ensuring were the leaders in the industry.After the tragic loss of a Marine friend, Waldrop fully understood the need for truly reliable life-saving body armor.Just remember, Ounces Pounds, Pounds Pain.