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July 3rd, 1993 V-discs AND world WAR II Program 1182: The War Departments V-Disc program of providing specially recorded musical entertainment to puls com coupon code our troops around the discount code for ubuy world began in the Summer of 1943. .
Live recording of a Dorsey Brothers dance date at the Jantzen Beach Ballroom, Portland, Oregon with vocals by Bill Raymond and Shirley Jeanne.
Screen guild theatre (9-30-46) Peggy Ann Garner repeats her screen performance in Junior Miss.Host Andy Mansfield interviews Red Nichols who had employed Glenn Miller as one of Nichols Five Pennies.Orson Welles drops in for the sketch, Jack Benny from Rags to Riches.Henry morgan show (1-1-47) Predictions for 1947 and a spoof of Your Hit Parade.Please stand BY A History of Radio (1986) Lesson 9 : New and Improved discusses the measures taken to regulate broadcast advertising, payola and plugola, as well as setback broadcasting suffered when cigarette advertising was outlawed. .BEN bernie WAR workers program (9-28-42) Music and comedy for WW II workers on the home front.Five star final (3-30-36) Dramatizations of news stories, on the air to bring you the news of the world we live in to make vividly real to you the stirring events that make us all actors in the drama of life. .HOP harrigan (2-19-43) Isolated WW II episode.Program 45: Tuning in to the Tuesday shows: fibber McGEE AND molly (5-27-41) Jim and Marian Jordan star as the McGees with Hal Peary as Throckmorton.
Lone ranger (3-11-50) The Masked Man and his faithful Indian companion search for a man who has been seen impersonating the Lone Ranger.
Cast: Phil Harris, Eddie Rochester Anderson, Dennis Day, Sportsmen, Bea Benaderet, Mel Blanc, Joe Kearns, Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS.
Suspense (1-2-47) Tree of Life starring Mark Stevens as a man who plans to do away with his bossy wife after they move into a new home.
LUX radio theatre (4-18-49) Treasure of Sierra Madre stars Humphrey Bogart, Frank Lovejoy in the radio version of the 1947 movie.
The Lone Ranger, Tonto and the ranchers take measure to prevent the outlaw from carrying out his plans.
Eddie receives a threatening letter, warning him not to run for president.Phil harris alice faye show (1-8-50) Phil agrees to babysit his sponsors dog.Rosa RIO time (7-1-47) In this daily philly recycle rewards program, Rosa Rio plays the organ and piano at the same time, offering such selections as Humoresque and Stormy Weather.North (6-10-44) The Wilbur Wills Problem starring Alice Frost and Joseph Curtin as Pam and Jerry North.Please stand BY A History of Radio (1986) Lesson 13: Reviewing the Situation takes a look at situation comedy which fell into several different categories: 1) the family in the home, 2) a group of unrelated characters involved in a business or profession, and 3).THE home front (1982) Part 2: London Calling 1940.Guest again is Alexis Smith, Jacks co-star in his new picture, The Horn Blows at Midnight, who questions his acting ability.July 25th, 1970 ladies DAY program 13: wheirl marries (1943) Isolated episode of the tender, human story of young married life, dedicated to everyone who has ever been in love.Bullard on the Great Gildersleeve show.