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Some are CF-specific tools, some are generic.
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"Application performance and response time monitoring for Citrix, PeopleSoft, Windows, client-server, Oracle, Siebel, SAP, custom apps and more" See also the graze gift box other categories here, ColdFusion Monitoring Tools, for monitoring CF specifically, as well as Page Response Time Testing Tools, System Monitoring Tools, Web Server Request.Some have come and gone over the years (most notably CF-talk but several do remain.And note that the former Cisco Spark was merged into webex.) Zoho Meeting, free and commercial hosted service (free with voip-only, as of a check in May 2018) Zoom, free and commercial hosted service (free for one-on-one, or for groups of up to 100 participants.Since CF9 added built-in ehcache caching features (and CF2018 Enterprise added memcached and redis caching many of the older caching solutions are no longer updated, as indicated below.Using a tool to help generate a regex will generally be better than crafting one by hand, at least until you become proficent with them, and following are several such tools.Berkely DB, open source, multi-platform (from Oracle) Db2 Express-C, free Community edition of commercial DB 2 Express, listed below (from IBM) Derby, open source, multi-platform (which used to be known as IBM Cloudscape, also multi-platform and free, and Derby is now known also as Java.
(There are some editors which list "ColdFusion" or "Cold Fusion" support.
IIS Dynamic IP Restrictions, a free plugin for IIS 7, from Microsoft (included in IIS.
Some may not be updated beyond older releases of CF (which may still be somewhat valuable while others tend to be updated to the lastest current release (or would be soon after is release).
Still, beware that since different tools with use regex's (editors, servers/languages like ColdFusion, Java,.NET, Javascript) use different regular expression engines and syntax, some tools won't suit all needs.
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Couldn't really tell from its web site how well it would be suited to just the simpler tasks of log analysis See also other lists of log analysis tools, such as this, this and this See also information on log rotation tools See also Intrusion.All in one place.See more online spreadsheets I welcome additions/corrections/feedback RSS to Email Tools link Are you someone who reads or publishes RSS feeds?(See the previous category for tools to test how pages appear in browsers.) See also related subcategories in the introduction to the broader category above.Riaforge.org InFusion Mail Server (m) If you may be looking for alternative mail servers, see the separate category for that: Mail Servers/Gateways I welcome additions/corrections/feedback cfml Code Coverage Tools link Many languages offer tools that allow you to track/confirm what code within your app.Following are tools for both kinds of processing, first client, then server.(Report Builder is built into SQL Server 2000 and above, which themselves come in free and commercial editions, and has changed for the better with.) Pebble Reports, commercial, for Windows, supports querying SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle Pentaho, open source, multi-platform ReportMill, commerical, multi-platform.And of course, you can also find blogging tools and CMS's written in many other languages, some of which you may choose to use in/integrate into your cfml-based site.