Stack on safe rebate

stack on safe rebate

I go into a bit more detail in the Cannon article, but Intertek is a third party company, with no direct affiliation or public loyalty to either Stack On or Cannon, and they dont slouch on testing.
Fire Protection, first how do you sign up for starbucks rewards off, some of their more premium safes (the Elite and Total Defense models) offer a little bit of fire protection, and theyre rated by Intertek ETL.
You have the option between my personal preference, a rotary combination lock, or an electronic keypad, and behind each lock is a steel hard plate to help resist drill attacks.
Stack On safe walls are equipped with 11 gauge steel at best.Okay, so it doesnt have a fancy security certificate not the end of the world were talking about a Cavalier here, not a Cadillac.Heres where we examine the Stack On warranty.Also included is a door storage system with removable bags for items that require quick access and storage.The fully carpeted interior is setup to store 28 long guns by default, but the safe can also be configured for holding 14 guns and other small items, or small items entirely: the 6 adjustable shelves allow for a great deal of customization.
Of course, when you compare a Stack On safe to the two aforementioned monsters, you probably cant help but notice the 4000 difference in price either.
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Theres nothing wrong with safety, just keep an eye out for shifty salesmen trying to use this as a major selling point.
Only the safe is covered, not the contents inside, but thats the norm.On their more expensive safes, I think they put a lot more effort into their fire protection than their security features.Winchester Legacy 45, only a couple hundred dollars more, which has 18 1-1/2 bolts around the perimeter, youre looking at a significant difference in pry protection.Google, Google Play, and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc.The same applies to damage from break ins as well (Ill elaborate on security standards in a few however, damage resulting from manufacturer flaws are only covered for the first five years.

Honestly though, aside from its weight and price tag, Im not totally sold.
Its exceptionally difficult to get a door open with a crow bar if you cant tip the safe over for leverage.