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He also bolted on the aforementioned YSi-B head unit and the boost pressure is set to 19 psi.
Car is otherwise stock but now sounds better than ever!
Once we get this transmission sorted out, I think this car will be really fast, proclaims Reeves.
But this time around, he had them keep it at around.2:1.Kooks was tapped for the complete exhaust system from the long-tube headers to the tailpipes.The 2018 Mustang.0 discount work clothes online features an engine platform that has changed the gameagainwith the addition of direct injection as part of the fuel delivery.It is good for 1,006 rwhp, which was generated while making the dyno pull in sixth-gear.The new 10-speed just works so great that it keeps the rpm in a great spot on the shifts with the centrifugal supercharger, he says.And while many thought the new direct injection wouldve been the biggest holdback, Reeves happily reports that Lund Racing has a handle.The best elapsed time has been.21 and the top speed on the dragstrip is 156 mph; the car sports all the factory amenities like heated and air conditioned seats, back-up camera, stereo system, etc.The mildly rebuilt powerplant sees 19 psi of boost from the Vortech YSi-B supercharger.Thanks to a close working relationship with Lund Racing, a noted tuning shop cbo coupon code that specializes in ECU calibrations, and Finish Line Performance, Reeves was quick to get his steed into the low 9s and he is now taking aim at the.
We had a great time installing this kit as its a very straightforward design.
Reeves was quick to remind us that this is all being done with the stock torque converter.
A brave new generation of enthusiasts was ushered in 32 years ago with the introduction of EFI to the Mustang platform.
He shared, I think the higher compression engine we have from MMR and this new 10-speed automatic transmission are a big part.Giving a bit more detail, Reeves says that roughly 30 of their fuel delivery is done through the direct injection setup.He is also adding a set of DeatschWerks direct injection fuel injectors.All said and done the TBR / Finish Line rollers finished out at 675 rwhp and was still pulling when we let off at 7600rpm.One of the first shops to start messing with the direct injection technology has been Team Beefcake Racing.Right now the rear IRS suspension benefits from a complete Steeda upgrade kit and a set of Driveshaft Shop half-shafts.The Whipple Flight Control Software is a killer off the shelf tune!Whipple Superchargers: ml, mBRP Street Catback: ml, stainless Power Headers:.At the end of the day, we have a formula that we go by and it includes a Vortech supercharger kit, Fore fuel system, E85 conversion, and Lund Racing calibration, states Reeves during our interview.It wasnt always that way, the two groups started at 70 fueling from the secondary set of injectors.