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And deserved respect is also paid to The Marmalade with their psychedelic, Roy Wood-like, I See The Rain.
With no fewer than than four guest vocalists, plus some C-list musical celebrities thrown in, there's no real feel of it being the work of one person.
OK; all and yet none exactly.Former touchstones like CSN Y and the Jayhawks are still in evidence, the latter especially on the opening country rock chime of Wheels A'Turning and the chugging shuffle Crawling Over Town, but the influence of The Band has become more prevalent, informing such numbers.This is a highly distinctive and exquisitely beautiful release.She also plays piano, keyboards and harmonica, and has made sympathetic and mature arrangements for her songs, employing guitars, drums and occasionally cello in textures which at times display an almost classical purity.The bulk of their repertoire centres around the compositional talents of band members Paul Hoad (guitars) and Sara Byers (accordion and whistle who present for our delectation their evocative and accessible personal reminiscences and pertinent though poetic reflections on life and love (which as often.Show Of Hands don't need to prove themselves, yet their canny ability to present a constantly refreshing angle win a trip to israel on their music will continue to win them new admirers, of which this DVD provides further persuasive evidence.As it turns out, despite sounding like they were given a McGuinn blood transfusion on the opening See Myself, they actually come from the UK, rising from the ashes of frontman Michael Gagliano's previous outfit, Epic.
Although Earl and his Revue-compadres play on virtually all the tracks, many of the individual numbers (at least on volume 1) tend to feature one principal "guest" - eg Loudon Wainwright III on his own Swimming Song, Rambling Jack Elliott on Dylan's Song To Woody.
As has been the case (and necessity) with many folk-performers, there was then a post-marital hiatus (career and family commitments following which around three years ago they returned to the scene as a duo performing a wide range of folk songs, Jan taking the singing.
Elsewhere, as they unfurl their stories of losers, drifters, drinkers and dreamers facing and sometimes shifting their fates from the opening Springfield, Il through Write Me Off and Sweetness, That's Your Cue to Down Town Again, this is most reminiscent of the punked up country.
Joined by Guy Clark and, of course, Darrell, Wayne has made an album that has the relaxed feel of music made and recorded by friends on the spur of the moment.
From here on, save for the omission of The River, its a mirror of Glasto, from Waitin' On A Sunny Day through Promised Land, Racing In The Street, Radio Nowhere, Lonesome Day, (switch to Disc 2) the Rising fully laced discount code and Born to Run.
You'll just get hurt." Oh yeah?!).And if anyone out there thinks playing a tambourine is easy, well, try listening to Steve Amedee again - he gets sounds of that humble little instrument which just beggar belief.He does upbeat glam pop (Get Up he does druggy rock blues (Twisted City he does power pop reverb (The Only One) and he does dreamy ballad melancholia (Tonight, Pieces) and acoustic strum (You Carry On and he does them all to sublime perfection.Cormier's E-Flat Tune with mandolin and box, and two songs Wild And Wicked Youth and Snow It Melts The Soonest both fetchingly sung by Sarah Hayes.Although Sorentino colleagues, Steve Lee, Kenny Susan, Russ Kerger and Rob Ruiz all appear, this is a solo album.This is brightened up by Size's twangy guitar.The latter is one of two tracks to feature the stunning banjo work of the band's guest Leon Hunt, by the way.From the opening The Rat Patrol And DJs, it's clear the other half gift basket logo designs of the equation, recorded a year earlier, is a different proposition with its rasping guitars and bass throb sounding like early REM.Elsewhere Heads Down Eyes Up, the folksy Stuck In The Mud, a gently pulsing What's On Your Mind?, the finger-picking A Little Time and the spare spooked blues 9 Lives all variously deal with making it through and picking yourself.